Jackee Terbay is a Reiki Master Teacher who has a private practice in New York City & Brooklyn, NY.

Jackee at Mountain Peak Reiki

I spent 20 years working in the theater as a stage manager. Working long hours, with variety of different personalities at various pay rates in NYC - became very stressful, exhausting and chaotic. I never had time to take care of myself and felt I was at the mercy of my career. I started studying Reiki to alleviate my own stress and to make time for me again.

I created Mountain Peak Reiki as part of a Journey to find time to take care of myself. Reiki helped me to establish my own self-care practice while continuing to meet the ever-growing demands of my career. I truly believe that self-care is the most important thing a person can do for himself or herself.

I am passionate about helping other artists help themselves. I guide my clients to connect to their own intuition, helping them to make personal life changes and achieve balance in their personal and professional life. The tools and techniques I give to my clients will help them to listen and follow their own inner guidance to achieve the changes they seek.

My management and leadership experience includes: working at New York City Center, The New York Open Center for Holistic Learning and World Culture, New York University: Tisch School of the Arts, and various companies working as a stage manager from coast to coast. I have received an MFA in stage management from the University Of California, Irvine.

"Just for today I will live in an attitude of gratitude."

I am so grateful to have friends and family who support me in my life and career. Maintaining those connections has been very encouraging and inspirational. My Reiki treatments have helped my friends and family as much as they have helped me.

My Special Thanks:

To my niece Amira Lansangan for being the creative force behind my company name and my first Reiki student.

To my nephew Simon Lansangan for this warm haiku:

"Reiki peace of mind,
 Relaxation for the soul,
 Healing the body."

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Potential Health Benefits & Stress Reduction of Reiki

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Reiki can be used for many ailments like reducing stress, relieving pain, headaches, stomach and digestive issues, back problems, asthma - respiratory problems, menstrual problems, sinus, anxiety and many more. Reiki has been known to help lessen the physical and emotional effects of chemo treatments for cancer patients.